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Depth Filter Sheets

Carlson's series of depth filter sheets comprises a complete range of products tailored specially for applications where purity and quality are paramount.

From the removal of coarse matter right through to sterilising filtration, there is a product ideally suited for all applications. All products are carefully formulated to provide particular filtration characteristics. Ongoing investment in manufacturing facilities, coupled with stringent quality management practices (backed up by conformance to ISO9001:2008), ensure consistent product quality.

The range comprises a number of main product groups:

  • XE range of filter sheets - for use in clarifying and sterilising filtration duties
  • EE range of sheets for use where all cellulose fibre sheets are needed
  • W2N support sheet for depth filtration of bulk liquids, such as in beer and lager production, fruit juice manufacture or the processing of gelatine
  • NA range of sheets for a wide variety of applications
  • BK range - for high performance speciality applications 

Lenticular filters

Incorporation of depth filter sheets in Lenticular module format means that Carlson's customers can enjoy the advantages of efficient, economical filter media in a robust, stable, non-compressible module. Modules and housings are available in both 12inch and 16inch diameter. Carlson incorporates all of its media grades in this format.
Carlson has incorporated a number of important design features in the new CARLENT module range. An interlocking disc design improves lateral strength and rigidity, whilst ensuring that only polypropylene to polypropylene contact throughout the internal core of the module. This alleviates any compressibility problems inherent in competitor's designs. This polypropylene centre core also protects against fibre release into the filtered product.
All standard Carlson modules incorporate a heavy duty non-woven polyester scrim which gives improved resistance to back pressure shock and a much improved back washing capability, in addition to providing an appreciable degree of pre-filtration prior to the depth filter medium.

Pre-compression during manufacture to precise dimensions eliminates the need for re-tightening down procedures. Optimum performance is achieved without reliance on operational procedure.
Advanced design of the FDA quality polypropylene separator discs and sealing rings promotes more even liquid flow within each cell. This in turn tends to reduce the pressure drop across the module, leading to longer module life, shorter filtration cycles and more consistent filtrate quality.

Lenticular housings
These are available in 12" and 16" diameter in either single or multi module version, up to 4 high, to suit small scale laboratory or pilot plant production to large scale continuous production. These can be stand alone or skid mounted.

Lenticular module lifting device
In 16" diameter format the weight of a used module can be unsuitable for manual lifting. This is especially true when multiple housings, with 3 to 4 high modules in each, have to be changed out. Since a suitable hoist is required to remove the dome cover Carlson has developed a lenticular lifting device to utilise this hoist. The lifting device can remove the complete set of spent modules from a housing in one simple and safe lift. The lifting device comes in sizes to accommodate 2, 3 or 4 modules high. The lifting device simply clamps the lower module, lifts the complete stack of modules and these spent modules can then be discharged into a suitable disposal unit with a pull of the discharge handle.

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