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Filter Cartridges From Profil

Profil Solutions Ltd are proud to be distributors of Merck-Millipore Filtration products.

Merck-Millipore is an industry leader with over 50 years experience in microbial removal and monitoring.

Millipore “Bevliner” Hygienic filter cartridge housings

Profil supply pre-filter cartridges for coarse filtration, Millipore Polygard & Beviguard filter cartridges for fine colloidal haze removal from beverage products and Vitipore II PVDF membrane filters for cold sterile filtration prior to packaging.

Vitipore II - PVDF Membrane filter and Polygard CE – Pleated Pre-filter with glass fibre/filter aid/polypropylene composite filter media.
These filters can be successfully regenerated many times and will provide a high quality, cost effective solution to your filtration problems.

Other Merck-Millipore products supplied by Profil include the following:

  • Process Monitoring Tools
  • Systems for rapid detection of micro-organisms, enabling quick release of finished product
  • Membrane Integrity Test Units
  • Filter discs and membranes for microbial analysis
  • Pre-filled Agar media
  • Petri dishes and a host of other products for beverage analysis & testing

Bonded anchor mesh sleeves - Little Netherton, Dymock, Gloucestershire - Profil Solutions Ltd - Filtration SuppliesMillipore "Vitipore" filter cartridges

Strainers - Little Netherton, Dymock, Gloucestershire - Profil Solutions Ltd - Filtration EquipmentMillipore “Bevliner” Hygienic filter cartridge housings

For more information, contact Dave Manns on 01531 636704 or send an e-mail to info@profilsolutions.com